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Our Unique Commission Program! The May Team Solution! Full Service For Less Fees! Sell Your Home For As Low As 1%!

3 Options ! They all save you Thousands! Call us with any questions at 702-491-9601

Full Service Agent Representation For Less Fees!

The May Team Solution

Best Option! Commission Scenario 1  

Our For Sale With Owner Option  

1% - The May Team Solution- You procure the buyer with our assistance.

You Show and We Help You Sell! You accept an offer from a buyer that we procure for you thru our enhanced marketing and advertising program--- "The May Team Solution" You have the option to be placed on the MLS! (Recommended- It STOPS all the unwanted listing agent calls ) YOU still have the ability to be in control of the process. YOU get ENHANCED placement on ZILLOW and ALL the websites that the MLS connects to (Trulia, Homes.com, Realtor.com, Redfin, and hundreds of other sites) with the buyers being directed to you! YOU are provided with all of our marketing tools- (HD Photos and Video is just a start) which you share on social media with friends, family and business contacts. We can even assist you with holding your own OPEN HOUSE. (We Provide you with open house signs) Thru the power of the MLS and our professional marketing and advertising we can drive more buyers to YOU. We take care of the rest (prequalify buyer, negotiation & contracts, and follow the transaction thru closing) for 1% and YOU SAVE THOUSANDS!

Other agents say they will list for 1% but remember there is a co-op commission as well to a buyers agent. Our program allows you to SELL your home for just 1%!

Example: Sales Price $300,000 - commission- 1% (We provide you with all the marketing and assistance, prequalify your buyer, negotiate on your behalf and represent YOU thru closing!) -minus your closing costs 1.5% Net before mtg payoff- $292,500 A savings of $15,000! Compared to a Traditional 6% Commission.

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Option/Commission Scenario 2

4.0%- The May Team Procures Buyer 

We Show & Sell! 

You accept an offer from a buyer who is procured by The May Team.  


Sale Price $300,000

- commission- 4.0% (We Take Less If We Find The Buyer Thru Our Efforts And Save You Money)

-minus your closing costs 1.5%

Net before mtg payoff- $283,500

A savings of $6,000.00!

Compared to a Traditional 6% Commission.

Option/Commission Scenario 3

5%*- Shared between agents. Buyer agent- Co-op agent procures the buyer.

*See info below about additional savings.

They Show & Sell! 

You accept an offer from a buyer who is represented by a buyer's agent (co-op agent-MLS) thru our cooperative network of agents. 


Sale Price is $300,000  

- commission - 4% (Shared between agents)  

-minus your closing costs 1.5%  

Net before mtg payoff- $280,500  

A savings of $6,000.00!  

Compared to a Traditional 6% Commission.  

*1% credit! If you agree to allow us to assist you in your next purchase - 1% of your sale price will be credited towards your next home! This equates to a 4% Listing!

Credit is good for 2 Years via a buyer brokerage agreement credit and can be applied on any purchase and is transferable upon mutual agreement to any immediate family member!

Consult with us in regards to terms and details- 702-491-9601

All of our marketing tools are provided with each and every option! Remeber this - It's not about how much you pay in fees. What matters is how much you NET at closing! You are still able to sell as a for sale WITH owner. You can accept an agent offer or you can wait for a direct buyer to decide which offer YOU want to take! Call us at 702-491-9601 or click below to book your free consultation!

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