Our Marketing Strategy:

There are 4 things that sell a home. 1- Location 2- Condition 3- Price 4- Marketing Marketing Marketing Location of course, cannot be changed. You, as the seller control the condition and price. And we as your agents control the marketing! We pride ourselves as one of the top marketing real estate teams in Las Vegas.

The first thing you should ask your agent is- “What do you do to sell a home?” Take a look at what we do below.  

See this example- One of our recently sold listings- 3225 Shoreline Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89117 in The Lakes. Look at the views we received compared to the competition in the photo below. Click the zillow photo below to see our High Definition Photos.

Just look at the amount of views we received on 3225 Shoreline Drive compared to other homes in the area. Ours is almost double or triple the amount of views compared to the other listings.

Compare a real example of photos I pulled off the Multiple listing service. (If you are looking at this on your phone ours is every other picture)

Column 1 are photos from other agents listings. Many agents take photos with a phone and do no editing and don't start us on their angle choices.

Column 2 are photos from our listing. We utilize HD professional photorgraphers who take care to make sure our homes stand out! Marketing your home with the utmost care in presenting your home in it's most positive light with professional photography makes all the difference in the world!

Our Service Also Provides Video Marketing & Virtual Tours! It's Included! 

After only 5 days we received 7 offers above list price and sold the home for $465,000, setting one of the highest sales in The Lakes! Let us Market your home and get you the same results that we did for 3225 Shoreline Dr!

To top things off-

We can sell your home for as low as 1% saving you thousands of dollars in commissions!*

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*Ask about our 1% Listing/Buyer Program. Certain restrictions apply. If you have relisted your home with another agent or your home is in contract or has sold please disregard this solicitaion.